January 22 | On this Day

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2008 Australian actor Heath Ledger died. Death day
1996 Chess grandmaster from Switzerland, Nico Georgiadis was born. Birthday
1993 Chess grandmaster from India, Stany G.A. was born. Birthday
1990 Argentina's first artificial satellite Lusat was launched. Launch Day
1983 Chess grandmaster from France, √Čtienne Bacrot was born. Birthday
1981 Chess grandmaster from England, Nicholas Pert was born. Birthday
1980 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Nikolai Kabanov was born. Birthday
1979 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Sergey Klimov was born. Birthday
1978 English cricketer Herbert Sutcliffe died. Death day
1977 Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata was born. Birthday
1973 American politician Lyndon B. Johnson died. Death Day
1973 Nigeria Airways (JY-ADO) aircraft incident at Kano, Nigeria, killed 176 people. Man-Made Disaster
1968 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Maxim Sorokin was born. Birthday
1960 Sumo wrestler Genkaiho was born. Birthday
1957 German chemist Paul Walden died. Death day
1955 Astronaut from United States, Thomas Jones was born. Birthday
1942 Russian scientist and inventor Oleg Losev died. Death day
1936 American chemist Alan J. Heeger was born. Birthday
1922 Pope Benedict XV died. Death day
1922 Danish writer and pacifist Fredrik Bajer died. Death day
1915 Around 600 people died in Guadalajara train disaster. Man-Made Disaster
1909 German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer died. Death day
1908 Soviet physicist Lev Landau was born. Birthday
1900 British-American inventor David Edward Hughes died. Death day
1867 British physician William Snow Harris died. Death day
1801 German writer Friedrich Clemens Gerke was born. Birthday
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