January 21 | On this Day

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2018 New Zealand's first artificial satellite Humanity Star was launched. Launch Day
1992 Indonesian badminton player Ricky Karanda Suwardi was born. Birthday
1992 Russia's first artificial satellite Kosmos 2175 was launched. Launch Day
1990 Chess grandmaster from Turkey, Emre Can was born. Birthday
1985 Galaxy Airlines Flight 203 aircraft incident at Reno, Nevada, US, killed 70 people. Man-Made Disaster
1980 South Korean badminton player Lee Kyung Won was born. Birthday
1980 Iran Air Flight 291 aircraft incident at Alborz Mountains, Iran, killed 128 people. Man-Made Disaster
1972 Georgia born engineer Nicolas Florine died. Death day
1969 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Andrey Lunev was born. Birthday
1968 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Ilya Smirin was born. Birthday
1967 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Artashes Minasian was born. Birthday
1967 Chess grandmaster from England, Neil McDonald was born. Birthday
1967 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Stanislav Savchenko was born. Birthday
1966 Chess grandmaster from Iceland, Henrik Danielsen was born. Birthday
1964 Austrian-American actor Joseph Schildkraut died. Death day
1960 American entrepreneur Toxey Haas was born. Birthday
1956 American actress Geena Davis was born. Birthday
1950 Astronaut from United States, Joseph Tanner was born. Birthday
1940 Golfer from United States, Jack Nicklaus was born. Birthday
1926 Italian biologist and pathologist Camillo Golgi died. Death day
1926 Italian biologist and pathologist Camillo Golgi died. Death day
1922 English actor Paul Scofield was born. Birthday
1912 German American biochemist Konrad Emil Bloch was born. Birthday
1879 Supercentenarian from United Kingdom, Rosa Ann Comfort was born. She died at the age of 113 years, 290 days. Birthday
1871 Dutch politician Jan Jacob Rochussen died. Death day
1868 German chemist Felix Hoffmann was born. Birthday
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