2134 Views User Rating 3.33 (3 votes) Sending Race is a Kannada short film written and directed by Kiran Rao. The short film was released on Jul 30, 2018 by Crazy Kannadiga Yashu. New Gen Reviews *New Gen reviews will get updated based on the comments received.Read More →

1533 Views User Rating 3.5 (2 votes) Sending Sahapaadi is a Malayalam short film directed by Karthik Unnikrishnan. This film was released in youtube on Feb 19, 2019 by Avittam Media. Sahapaadi is made with support of members of Little Kites club of St.Mary’s H.S.S Morakkala, teachers and headmaster ofRead More →

1136 Views User Rating 2.33 (3 votes) Sending F2 (Fun & Friends) is a spoof short film of Telugu movie of title “F2”. The short film is written by Karthik and directed by Prashanth. The film features friendship bond and problems from a birthday celebration. New Gen Reviews *New GenRead More →