How to start conversation with your crush by texting

Texting is more approachable than talking on the phone in the initial stages. While texting, you will have time to think about what to send and reply. There are limitations in phone calling with your crush that may create an impression that you are so eager and may lead to a negative impression on you.

Below are some ways to start a conversation with your crush. And also please share your ideas in the comment section.

Crush's phone number

To text your crush, we need their phone number first. Be natural when you ask their phone number as the probability of giving you the number is less if you don't ask at proper circumstances. Your crush should not have a feeling that you approached to get the number.

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First message

Have a plan before you send the first message to your crush. You can simply start a conversation by asking "Hi, How are you?", "What are you doing", "How was the day" etc...

Analyze crush's response

Understand whether your crush is enjoying texting you or she is replying just for your questions.

In case the replies are short and there is a long time gap then you should pause your conversation for a while with them by replying "Hope you are busy now. Catch you later".

Don't create the impression that you are desperate in texting them.

Daily activities

If your crush is studying in school/college then discuss school activities like homework, upcoming events, teachers, classmates, etc... If your crush is working, then ask about their work, pressure in work, timings, mode of transportation, previous companies, educational qualifications, etc..

Celebration days

Ask about their plans if any festival days or their birthday is approaching and also know how they celebrated last year. Discuss the resolutions they took on the last new year and is it still on track.

Relationship status

Know the status of her relationship. If they are responding much to your text, they might be in some relationship or not interested in new relations. In that case, you should decide whether you should focus more on texting with them.


Ask about their family. Some usual questions are:

  • Do you have siblings? If yes, What are they are doing?
  • What is your dad and mom?
  • How are your grandparents?
  • Where did you spend your vacation last time?
  • Whom do you like most? Dad or Mom?
  • Do you have any pet at your home?


Know favorites of your crush, like their favorite number, movie, song, sport, color, etc... If there are some common likes, then discuss them. Suppose you and your crush have a favorite movie/series in common, then discuss an interesting scene from it or with whom/where you watched. In addition, you can talk about the cartoons watched in childhood, which creates an opening to talk about those days. If they haven't watched one of your favorite movies, suggest it and create an interest in them by explaining why they have to watch.


Know what they do in their free time like painting, music, etc... If you feel both have a common point of interest, then talk more about it.

Understand their positives and negatives

Start appreciating for every positive they have and encourage them to overcome negatives. When you do this, your crush will have a feeling that you care for them. Thus they will start sharing their problems and happiness.

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