How to record calls in your Smart Phone? Know How!

Have you thought about recording any important information during a call for a reference? or have you been in a situation to share someone what you heard from an anonymous calls?

Here is the guide to record calls in very simple way.

Step 1 : Navigate to your "call settings" by clicking on your contacts icon or call logs icon.


Step 2: In call settings, you will find an option called "record calls". The name of the option may change brand to brand.


Step 3 : Slide the button to on recording feature in your mobile. Here you will have three more options.

  • All numbers : This option will record each and every call in your mobile.
  • Unsaved numbers : This option will record only certain calls which are not saved in your contacts.
  • Selected numbers : This will record only the numbers you specify.

Step 4 : Switching "ON" the notification option will give you a indication whenever your calls are recorded.


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