Golconda Fort | Hyderabad

Golconda fort 2

Golconda is a fort and citadel situated in the west of Hyderabad district, Southern India. Some of the world’s famous gems and diamonds like Koh-i-Noor, hope diamonds and prince diamonds were found in this region.
Kakatiyas built the Golconda fort first. Later, Rani Rudrama Devi modified the fort. Musunuri Nayaks, Bahmani Sultanate, Qutb Shahi dynasty and the Mughal Empire ruled this fort at some point. Until 1590, Golconda was the capital of Qutb Shahi dynasty and then it was shifted to Hyderabad.
Below the center of the dome, if a hand clap sound is made, the sound is heard at Bala Hissar which is the highest point in the fort, one kilometer away from the dome.
Golconda is also known as Gol konda which means “Round shaped hill” and Golla konda which means Shepherd’s Hill. The Golconda Fort is spread across 11 km.

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