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2018 The opening ceremony of XXV Olympic Winter Games, or 2018 Winter olympics was held in Pyeongchang.
2010 American inventor Walter Frederick Morrison died. Death day
2001 American economist Herbert A. Simon died. Death day
1994 US geneticist and virologist Howard Martin Temin died. Death day
1993 Chess grandmaster from India, Parimarjan Negi was born. Birthday
1993 Chess grandmaster from Norway, Benjamin Arvola Notkevich was born. Birthday
1990 Chess grandmaster from Brazil, André Diamant was born. Birthday
1990 Chess grandmaster from Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili was born. Birthday
1987 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Konstantin Tarlev was born. Birthday
1980 Russian Soviet shipbuilder Rostislav Alexeyev died. Death day
1979 Hungarian-British physicist Dennis Gabor died. Death day
1979 Hungarian-British electrical engineer Dennis Gabor died. Death day
1974 Indonesian badminton player Flandy Limpele was born. Birthday
1970 Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath was born. Birthday
1970 Chess grandmaster from Spain, Pablo San Segundo Carrillo was born. Birthday
1964 The closing ceremony of IX Olympic Winter Games, or 1964 Winter olympics was held in Innsbruck.
1961 Chess grandmaster from Soviet Union, Grigory Levenfish died. Death day
1961 Brazilian politician Carlos da Luz died. Death day
1960 Astronaut from United States, Peggy Whitson was born. Birthday
1958 Golfer from Scotland, Sandy Lyle was born. Birthday
1954 Astronaut from Germany, Ulrich Walter was born. Birthday
1947 Chess grandmaster from United States, Boris Gulko was born. Birthday
1945 Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi was born. Birthday
1945 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Nino Kirov was born. Birthday
1943 American economist Joseph Stiglitz was born. Birthday
1943 American actor Joe Pesci was born. Birthday
1942 Finnish politician Lauri Kristian Relander died. Death day
1942 American singer and songwriter Carole King was born. Birthday
1940 South African-born novelist J. M. Coetzee was born. Birthday
1939 American songwriter Barry Mann was born. Birthday
1938 Italian engineer and architect Arturo Caprotti died. Death day
1931 Czech footballer Josef Masopust was born. Birthday
1910 French biochemist Jacques Monod was born. Birthday
1910 Chess grandmaster from Finland, Eero Böök was born. Birthday
1891 English born actor Ronald Colman was born. Birthday
1856 Japanese politician Hara Takashi was born. Birthday
1773 American politician William H. Harrison was born. Birthday
1621 Papacy of Pope Gregory XV began. Papacy began
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