February 26 | On this Day

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2006 The closing ceremony of XXIII Olympic Winter Games, or 2006 Winter olympics was held in Turin.
2004 Macedonian politician Boris Trajkovski died. Death day
1998 American economist Theodore Schultz died. Death day
1997 Chinese badminton player Zheng Siwei was born. Birthday
1996 Sudanese Air Force aircraft incident at Jabal Awliya, Sudan, killed 91 people. Man-Made Disaster
1986 Chess grandmaster from Georgia, Levan Pantsulaia was born. Birthday
1985 Dutch economist Tjalling Koopmans died. Death day
1984 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Leonid Kritz was born. Birthday
1982 Chinese tennis player Li Na was born. Birthday
1982 American singer and songwriter Nate Ruess was born. Birthday
1980 Chess grandmaster from United States, Bryan Smith was born. Birthday
1973 American swimmer Jenny Thompson was born. Birthday
1969 Israeli politician Levi Eshkol died. Death day
1967 Chess grandmaster from Czech Republic, Petr Velicka was born. Birthday
1965 Polish-Russian stop-motion animator Ladislas Starevich died. Death day
1958 Astronaut from United States, Susan Helms was born. Birthday
1954 Turkish politician Recep T. Erdogan was born. Birthday
1952 Greek politician Theodoros Pangalos died. Death day
1950 New Zealand politician Helen Clark was born. Birthday
1947 Hungarian physicist Kalman Tihanyi died. Death day
1946 Egyptian-American chemist Ahmed Zewail was born. Birthday
1936 Japanese politician Takahashi Korekiyo died. Death day
1936 Japanese politician Saito Makoto died. Death day
1931 German chemist Otto Wallach died. Death day
1928 Israeli politician Ariel Sharon was born. Birthday
1928 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Anatoly Filipchenko was born. Birthday
1925 West Indian cricketer Everton Weekes was born. Birthday
1924 Japanese politician Noboru Takeshita was born. Birthday
1918 Happy Valley Racecourse fire in Hong Kong killed 614 people. Man-Made Disaster
1903 Italian chemist Giulio Natta was born. Birthday
1903 American inventor Richard J. Gatling died. Death day
1902 American tinsmith John Landis Mason died. Death day
1874 Russian surgeon Nikolai Korotkov was born. Birthday
1868 Brazilian politician Venceslau Bras was born. Birthday
1852 American nutritionist and inventor John Harvey Kellogg was born. Birthday
1829 German-American businessman Levi Strauss was born. Birthday
1725 French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot was born. Birthday
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