February 25 | On this Day

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2018 The closing ceremony of XXV Olympic Winter Games, or 2018 Winter olympics was held in Pyeongchang.
2013 Austria's first artificial satellite TUGSAT-1/​UniBRITE was launched. Launch Day
2005 Egyptian politician Atef Sedki died. Death day
2004 American film The Passion of the Christ was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing non-English movies in the world. Release Date
2003 Russian and Armenian scientist Alexander Kemurdzhian died. Death day
2001 Australian cricketer Don Bradman died. Death day
1999 American chemist Glenn T. Seaborg died. Death day
1997 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Daniil Yuffa was born. Birthday
1996 Cambodian actor Haing S. Ngor died. Death day
1995 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Karen H. Grigoryan was born. Birthday
1993 Chess grandmaster from India, S. P. Sethuraman was born. Birthday
1992 Golfer from Japan, Hideki Matsuyama was born. Birthday
1985 Basketball player Joakim Noah was born. Birthday
1982 Italian tennis player Flavia Pennetta was born. Birthday
1978 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Vladimir Baklan was born. Birthday
1977 Chess grandmaster from Kazakhstan, Nurlan Ibraev was born. Birthday
1973 Chess grandmaster from Mongolia, Bazar Khatanbaatar was born. Birthday
1971 Swedish chemist Theodor Svedberg died. Death day
1967 Chess grandmaster from Peru, Julio Granda Zúñiga was born. Birthday
1964 Eastern Air Lines Flight 304 aircraft incident at Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, US, killed 58 people. Man-Made Disaster
1962 German kayaker Birgit Fischer was born. Birthday
1962 Chess grandmaster from Argentina, Pablo Ricardi was born. Birthday
1960 US Navy (131582) and Real Transportes Aéreos (PP-AXD) aircraft incident at Guanabara Bay, Brazil, killed 61 people. Man-Made Disaster
1953 Russian microbiologist Sergei Winogradsky died. Death day
1952 The closing ceremony of VII Olympic Winter Games, or 1952 Winter olympics was held in Oslo.
1950 American medical researcher George Minot died. Death day
1950 National Day of Kuwait. National Holiday
1934 Golfer from United States, Tony Lema was born. Birthday
1934 American surgeon Thomas J. Fogarty was born. Birthday
1911 Golfer from United States, Henry Ransom was born. Birthday
1899 French multinational automobile manufacturer Renault was founded. Foundation day
1878 Australian inventor and artist Myra Juliet Farrell was born. Birthday
1845 Australian politician George Reid was born. Birthday
1835 Japanese politician Matsukata Masayoshi was born. Birthday
1815 American engineer and inventor Robert Fulton died. Death day
1794 Dutch politician Gerrit Schimmelpenninck was born. Birthday
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