February 23 | On this Day

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2016 Astronaut from United States, Donald Williams died. Death day
2014 The closing ceremony of XXIX Olympic Winter Games, or 2014 Winter olympics was held in Sochi.
1999 South Africa's first artificial satellite SUNSAT was launched. Launch Day
1999 Denmark's first artificial satellite Ørsted was launched. Launch Day
1992 The closing ceremony of XX Olympic Winter Games, or 1992 Winter olympics was held in Albertville.
1990 Chess grandmaster from Vietnam, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son was born. Birthday
1987 Sumo wrestler Gagamaru was born. Birthday
1984 National Day of Brunei. National Holiday
1974 South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs was born. Birthday
1973 American physiologist Dickinson W. Richards died. Death day
1970 Republic Day of Guyana. National Holiday
1969 American businessman Daymond John was born. Birthday
1967 Golfer from United States, Steve Stricker was born. Birthday
1965 American businessman and investor Michael Dell was born. Birthday
1960 Emperor of Japan Naruhito was born. Birthday
1959 Astronaut from United States, Clayton Anderson was born. Birthday
1954 Chess grandmaster from England, Jacques Mieses died. Death day
1954 Ukrainian politician Victor Yushchenko was born. Birthday
1949 Astronaut from Canada, Marc Garneau was born. Birthday
1944 Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland died. Death day
1940 Hollywood film Pinocchio was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1928 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Vasily Lazarev was born. Birthday
1924 South African American physicist Allan McLeod Cormack was born. Birthday
1908 Australian politician William McMahon was born. Birthday
1899 American film director Norman Taurog was born. Birthday
1889 American film director Victor Fleming was born. Birthday
1876 Japanese politician Senjūro Hayashi was born. Birthday
1870 Japanese scientist and inventor Kotaro Honda was born. Birthday
1848 American politician John Quincy Adams died. Death Day
1792 Mexican politician Jose Joaquin de Herrera was born. Birthday
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