February 21 | On this Day

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2017 American economist Kenneth Arrow died. Death day
2015 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Aleksei Gubarev died. Death day
1999 American biochemist Gertrude B. Elion died. Death day
1984 Soviet novelist Mikhail Sholokhov died. Death day
1982 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Dimitrij Bunzmann was born. Birthday
1981 Tonga's first artificial satellite Esiafi 1(formerly Comstar D4) was launched. Launch Day
1973 Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 aircraft incident at Western Sinai Peninsula, Israel, killed 108 people. Man-Made Disaster
1969 Chess grandmaster from Romania, Bela Badea was born. Birthday
1968 Australian pharmacologist and pathologist Howard Florey died. Death day
1964 Astronaut from United States, Scott Kelly was born. Birthday
1964 Astronaut from United States, Mark Kelly was born. Birthday
1959 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Gábor Kállai was born. Birthday
1941 Canadian medical scientist and physician Frederick Banting died. Death day
1936 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, László Bárczay was born. Birthday
1926 Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes died. Death day
1924 Zimbabwean politician Robert Mugabe was born. Birthday
1921 American aeronautical engineer Richard T. Whitcomb was born. Birthday
1917 Dutch politician Victor Marijnen was born. Birthday
1895 Danish physiologist Henrik Dam was born. Birthday
1887 Chess grandmaster from France, Savielly Tartakower was born. Birthday
1879 Dutch politician Pieter Philip van Bosse died. Death day
1875 Supercentenarian from France, Jeanne Calment was born. She died at the age of 122 years, 164 days. Birthday
1838 Austrian writer and inventor Josef Popper was born. Birthday
1794 Mexican politician Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was born. Birthday
1730 Pope Benedict XIII died. Death day
1513 Pope Julius II died. Death day
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