February 19 | On this Day

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2014 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Valeri Kubasov died. Death day
2014 Astronaut from United States, Dale Gardner died. Death day
2013 American physicist Robert Coleman Richardson died. Death day
2012 Italian–American virologist Renato Dulbecco died. Death day
2010 Chess grandmaster from Spain, Jesús Díez del Corral died. Death day
2003 Iranian Air Force (15-2280) aircraft incident at near Kerman, Iran, killed 275 people. Man-Made Disaster
1991 Chess grandmaster from Moldova, Vladimir Hamitevici was born. Birthday
1988 Andre Frederic Cournand died. Death day
1987 Chess grandmaster from Egypt, Ahmed Adly was born. Birthday
1985 Pakistani cricketer Azhar Ali was born. Birthday
1985 Iberia Airlines Flight 610 aircraft incident at Oiz mountain, Spain, killed 148 people. Man-Made Disaster
1984 The closing ceremony of XVI Olympic Winter Games, or 1984 Winter olympics was held in Sarajevo.
1975 Astronaut from Russia, Sergey Prokopyev was born. Birthday
1973 Aeroflot Flight 141 aircraft incident at Prague, Czechoslovakia, killed 66 people. Man-Made Disaster
1967 Chess grandmaster from Ireland, Alexander Baburin was born. Birthday
1967 Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro was born. Birthday
1963 British singer and songwriter Seal was born. Birthday
1962 Czech tennis player Hana Mandlikova was born. Birthday
1962 Chess grandmaster from Philippines, Rogelio Antonio, Jr. was born. Birthday
1962 Greek pathologist Georgios Papanikolaou died. Death day
1956 American chemist Roderick MacKinnon was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from United States, George Low was born. Birthday
1954 Brazilian footballer Sócrates was born. Birthday
1952 Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun died. Death day
1952 Astronaut from Mexico, Rodolfo Neri Vela was born. Birthday
1951 French author Andre Gide died. Death day
1948 Astronaut from United States, Byron Lichtenberg was born. Birthday
1943 British biochemist Tim Hunt was born. Birthday
1941 American physicist David Gross was born. Birthday
1932 Astronaut from United States, Joseph Kerwin was born. Birthday
1928 The closing ceremony of II Olympic Winter Games, or 1928 Winter olympics was held in St. Moritz.
1924 Chess grandmaster from Russia, David Bronstein was born. Birthday
1924 American actor Lee Marvin was born. Birthday
1910 Chess grandmaster from Soviet Union, Alexander Konstantinopolsky was born. Birthday
1901 Golfer from United States, Ed Dudley was born. Birthday
1880 Mexican politician Alvaro Obregon was born. Birthday
1869 American real estate developer and inventor Mary Anderson was born. Birthday
1869 German neuropathologist Max Bielschowsky was born. Birthday
1859 Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius was born. Birthday
1833 Swiss peace activist Elie Ducommun was born. Birthday
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