Top 10 Divorces In Malayalam Cinema | Malayalam Film Industry


Mukesh and Saritha

Mukesh was married to film actress Saritha in the year 1988. They have two children and got divorced in 2011. Later Mukesh married Methil Devika in 2013.


Dileep and Manju Warrier

Dileep married Manju Warrier in 1998 and have one daughter. They got divorced in 2015. Dileep married Kavya Madhavan in 2016.


Sreenath and Shanthi Krishna

Sreenath and Shanthi Krishna acted together in many films in early stages of their career. They married at Guruvayoor Temple in 1984. After 11 years of their married life, they got divorced in 1995. Later Sreenath married Latha and has a son named Viswajith


Priyadarsan and Lissy

Director Priyadarshan who predominantly worked in Malayalam and Hindi was married to South Indian actress Lissy in 1990 and have two children. They got divorced in 2014.


Raghuvaran and Rohini

Raghuvaran was married to actress Rohini in 1996 and have one son. They got divorced in 2004.


Manoj K Jayan and Urvashi

Manoj K Jayan married film actress Urvashi in 1999 and have a daughter. They got divorced in 2008. Later Manoj married Asha in 2011 and Urvashi married Shivaprasad in 2013.


Jagathy Sreekumar and Mallika

Jagathy Sreekumar was married to Malika in 1974 and got divorced in 1976. Later Jagathy married Shobha in 1980 and Malika married Sukumaran in 1978.


Saikumar and Prasanna Kumari

Saikumar was married to Prasanna Kumari in 1986 and got divorced in 2008. Later Saikumar married Bindu Panicker in 2009.


Ambika and Premkumar Menon

Film actress Ambika and Premkumar Menon, an NRI got married in 1988 and got divorced in 1997. Later she married actor Ravikanth in 2000 and ended up in divorce after 2 years.


Sheela and Xavier

Sheela and  a journalist Xavier got married and ended up in divorce. Later she married Tamil actor Ravichandran.

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