December 9 | On this Day

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2018 Italian-American physicist Riccardo Giacconi died. Death day
2012 American inventor Norman Joseph Woodland died. Death day
2011 89 people died in AMRI hospital fire at Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Man-Made Disaster
2008 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Yury Glazkov died. Death day
2008 American inventor James Fergason died. Death day
1997 Supercentenarian from United Kingdom, Lucy Jane Askew died at the age of 114 years, 92 days. Death day
1991 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Ivan Rozum was born. Birthday
1987 Chess grandmaster from United States, Hikaru Nakamura was born. Birthday
1985 Swedish tennis player Stefan Edberg won his first title in 1985 Australian Open. Achievement
1985 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Ernesto Inarkiev was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dalibor Stojanovic was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, János Flesch died. Death day
1982 Fuerza Aérea Sandinista (265) aircraft incident at near San Andres de Bocay, Nicaragua, killed 84 people. Man-Made Disaster
1978 Argentine tennis player Gaston Gaudio was born. Birthday
1971 American political scientist Ralph Bunche died. Death day
1970 Pakistani politician Feroze Khan Noon died. Death day
1970 Soviet Armenian aircraft designer Artem Mikoyan died. Death day
1969 American television personality Lori Greiner was born. Birthday
1968 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Dejan Antic was born. Birthday
1961 Independence Day of Tanzania. National Holiday
1960 Australian cricketer David Boon was born. Birthday
1960 American pizza restaurant chain Domino's Pizza was founded. Foundation day
1956 Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 810 aircraft incident at Slesse Mountain, B.C., Canada, killed 62 people. Man-Made Disaster
1953 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Guillermo García González was born. Birthday
1949 Golfer from United States, Tom Kite was born. Birthday
1937 Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalen died. Death day
1936 Spanish civil engineer and pilot Juan de la Cierva died. Death day
1934 English actress Judi Dench was born. Birthday
1929 Australian politician Bob Hawke was born. Birthday
1926 American physicist Henry Way Kendall was born. Birthday
1920 Italian politician Carlo Azeglio Ciampi was born. Birthday
1919 American chemist William Lipscomb was born. Birthday
1917 American physicist James Rainwater was born. Birthday
1911 American actor Broderick Crawford was born. Birthday
1906 American computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper was born. Birthday
1886 American inventor Clarence Birdseye was born. Birthday
1870 Mexican politician Francisco S. Carvajal was born. Birthday
1868 German chemist Fritz Haber was born. Birthday
1868 German chemist Fritz Haber was born. Birthday
1779 American inventor Tabitha Babbit was born. Birthday
1669 Pope Clement IX died. Death day
1565 Pope Pius IV died. Death day
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