December 7 | On this Day

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2005 Supercentenarian from United Kingdom, Lucy d'Abreu died at the age of 113 years, 197 days. Death day
1998 American biochemist Martin Rodbell died. Death day
1993 German physicist Wolfgang Paul died. Death day
1990 Japanese badminton player Koharu Yonemoto was born. Birthday
1988 American swimmer Nathan Adrian was born. Birthday
1986 Golfer from United States, Billyorschel was born. Birthday
1983 Iberia Flight 350 and Aviaco Flight 134 aircraft incident at Madrid, Spain, killed 93 people. Man-Made Disaster
1979 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Maxim Turov was born. Birthday
1977 Golfer from England, Luke Donald was born. Birthday
1977 Hungarian-American engineer Peter Carl Goldmark died. Death day
1971 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Vladimir Akopian was born. Birthday
1969 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Andrei Maksimenko was born. Birthday
1968 Chess grandmaster from Spain, Irisberto Herrera was born. Birthday
1967 Golfer from United States, Bo Wininger died. Death day
1947 American philosopher Nicholas Murray Butler died. Death day
1946 119 people died in Winecoff Hotel fire at Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Man-Made Disaster
1932 American actress Ellen Burstyn was born. Birthday
1930 Italian underwater diver Alberto Gianni died. Death day
1929 Golfer from United States, Dan Sikes was born. Birthday
1924 Portuguese politician Mario Soares was born. Birthday
1923 American inventor Calvin Quate was born. Birthday
1911 English inventor William Griggs died. Death day
1906 Swiss peace activist Elie Ducommun died. Death day
1906 American inventor Benjamin Eisenstadt was born. Birthday
1899 Supercentenarian from United Kingdom, Grace Adelaide Jones was born. She died at the age of 113 years, 342 days. Birthday
1893 American actress Fay Bainter was born. Birthday
1860 Australian politician Joseph Cook was born. Birthday
1843 American businessman and inventor Henry Perky was born. Birthday
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