December 26 | On this Day

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2018 American physicist Roy J. Glauber died. Death day
2017 Angola's first artificial satellite AngoSat 1 was launched. Launch Day
2016 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Ashot Anastasian died. Death day
2006 American politician Gerald Ford died. Death Day
2004 Magnitude 9.1–9.3 earthquake in Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Indonesia. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
2004 Around 1700 people died in Sri Lanka tsunami train wreck. Man-Made Disaster
2000 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera was born. Birthday
2000 Chess grandmaster from United States, Samuel Sevian was born. Birthday
2000 American actor Jason Robards died. Death day
1999 Indian politician Shankar Dayal Sharma died. Death day
1992 Hungarian-born American mathematician and computer scientist John G. Kemeny died. Death day
1982 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Artur Gabrielian was born. Birthday
1975 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Attila Czebe was born. Birthday
1973 Hollywood film The Exorcist was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1972 American politician Harry S. Truman died. Death Day
1972 Japanese inventor Kyota Sugimoto died. Death day
1971 American actor Jared Leto was born. Birthday
1950 Pakistani politician Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was born. Birthday
1949 East Timorese politicia Jose Ramos-Horta was born. Birthday
1940 American economist Edward C. Prescott was born. Birthday
1935 West Indian cricketer Rohan Kanhai was born. Birthday
1933 Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer Nissan was founded. Foundation day
1928 American engineer Martin Cooper was born. Birthday
1926 Iranian-American physicist and inventor Ali Javan was born. Birthday
1896 Bulgarian physicist Georgi Nadjakov was born. Birthday
1890 Romanian engineer Aurel Persu was born. Birthday
1872 English journalist and author Norman Angell was born. Birthday
1811 72 people died in Richmond Theatre fire at Richmond, Virginia, United States. Man-Made Disaster
1791 English polymath and inventor Charles Babbage was born. Birthday
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