Carom is popular in South Asian countries and is commonly played within family members, clubs, resorts and in companies as part of refreshment.

Carom men, queen, striker, powder and carom board are the equipment needed to play this game. A maximum of 4 players can play this game. The main objective of the game is to strike the carom men using the striker into the pocket. There are many sets of rules to play this game in different areas.

Carom men

Carom men are small discs made of wood or plastic. They are placed in the game to slide on the board when it is hit by the striker. They weigh normally around 5 to 5.5 grams. There are 9 white and 9 black carom men.


Queen is a bright red coloured disc kept in the center of the board before starting the game. A player can win the Queen only when he/she strikes the queen followed by a carom men into a pocket.


Striker is a slightly heavier disc weighing around 15 grams. This is used to strike the carom men on the board.


Fine powders are used to ease the sliding of discs.

Carom board

Carom board is a plywood board on which the game is played. Its a square-shaped board with holes in the 4 corners, known as pockets.