Best Animation Movies 2003

1) Finding Nemo

Release Date May 30, 2003
Directed by Andrew Stanton
Production Company Pixar Animation Studios
Distribution Company Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Genre Adventure, Comedy
NewGen Rating 8/10
Duration 100 Minutes

2) The Jungle Book 2

Release Date February 14, 2003
Directed by Steve Trenbirth
Production Company DisneyToon Studios
Distribution Company Walt Disney Pictures
Genre Musical, Adventure
NewGen Rating 7/10
Duration  78 Minutes

3) Brother Bear

Release Date November 1, 2003
Directed by Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker
Production Company Walt Disney Feature Animation
Distribution Company Walt Disney Pictures
Genre Fantasy, Adventure
NewGen Rating 6/10
Duration 85 Minutes

4) Piglet's Big Movie

Release Date March 21, 2003
Directed by Francis Glebas
Production Company Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution Company Buena Vista Pictures
Genre Musical, Mystery
NewGen Rating 5.5/10
Duration 75 Minutes

5) Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Release Date July 2, 2003
Directed by Patrick Gilmore, Tim Johnson
Production Company DreamWorks Animation
Distribution Company DreamWorks Pictures
Genre Fantasy, Drama
NewGen Rating 5/10
Duration 86 Minutes

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