Avengers: Endgame – Trailer Out | Marvel Studios | 2019

The new Avengers Endgame trailer has raised the fans' curiosity and anticipation to new heights. It manages to keep the audience on their toes, at the same time not revealing too much of the movie. The trailer clearly puts the point across - it all comes down to this. The heroes are ready to do "whatever it takes" to bring half the population back to life, if there is a possibility.

In all the flashback scenes, the color red alone has been shown, with the remaining in black and white. Also, the Avengers team has a new uniform - a red and white suit that seems to be ready for space travel. The color red seems to have a significance, which is still unclear.

Captain Marvel makes an appearance at the end of the trailer - not much is revealed, though it's clear that she has met a few members of the team at headquarters, including Captain America, Black Widow and Thor.

Iron Man is still drifting off in space, aimless but determined; Ant-Man seems to have successfully escaped the quantum realm, and Hawkeye seems to be a man with a plan, though nothing is revealed about his whereabouts.

On the whole, the suspense, the visuals and the background score from the trailer are certain to skyrocket the fans' expectations, as Avengers Endgame looks to be the perfect ending to a rollercoaster ride of a Marvel journey.

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