August 4 | On this Day

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2003 American pediatrician and virologist Frederick Chapman Robbins died. Death day
1998 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Yury Artyukhin died. Death day
1997 Supercentenarian from France, Jeanne Calment died at the age of 122 years, 164 days. Death day
1996 The closing ceremony of Games of the XXVI Olympiad, or 1996 Summer olympics was held in Atlanta.
1996 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Vladimir Liberzon died. Death day
1991 87 people died in Troutbeck bus crash. Man-Made Disaster
1989 Chess grandmaster from China, Wang Hao was born. Birthday
1984 Chinese badminton player Guo Zhendong was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Mikhail Panarin was born. Birthday
1981 American actor Melvyn Douglas died. Death day
1980 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Fabian Döttling was born. Birthday
1977 English physiologist Edgar Adrian died. Death day
1963 Chess grandmaster from Lithuania, Vidmantas Mališauskas was born. Birthday
1961 American politician Barack Obama was born. Birthday
1959 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Vladimir Gurevich was born. Birthday
1957 Brazilian politician Washington Luís died. Death day
1956 American business executive Meg Whitman was born. Birthday
1955 Astronaut from United States, Charles Gemar was born. Birthday
1955 Astronaut from United States, Andrew Allen was born. Birthday
1943 Astronaut from United States, Michael McCulley was born. Birthday
1942 New Zealand politician David Lange was born. Birthday
1933 American business magnate Sheldon Adelson was born. Birthday
1929 Austrian scientist and inventor Thomas Wedgwood died. Death day
1919 Golfer from United States, Ted Kroll was born. Birthday
1904 Golfer from United States, Harry Cooper was born. Birthday
1903 Papacy of Pope Pius X began. Papacy began
1900 Belgian engineer Jean-Joseph Etienne Lenoir died. Death day
1894 Brazilian politician Carlos da Luz was born. Birthday
1859 Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun was born. Birthday
1855 Swedish engineer and inventor Jonas Wenstrom was born. Birthday
1834 English mathematician John Venn was born. Birthday
1521 Pope Urban VII was born. Birthday
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