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2011 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Valery Rozhdestvensky died. Death day
2007 Golfer from United States, Gay Brewer died. Death day
2005 Polish physicist Joseph Rotblat died. Death day
2003 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Peter Szekely died. Death day
2002 British chemist George Porter died. Death day
1999 LAPA Flight 3142 aircraft incident at Palermo, Argentina, killed 65 people. Man-Made Disaster
1995 Ukraine's first artificial satellite Sich-1 was launched. Launch Day
1995 Chile's first artificial satellite Fasat-Alfa was launched. Launch Day
1991 Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan. National Holiday
1987 Thai Airways Flight 365 aircraft incident at Phuket, Thailand, killed 83 people. Man-Made Disaster
1986 Finnish politician Urho Kekkonen died. Death day
1986 Aeroméxico Flight 498 and Private aircraft (N4891F) aircraft incident at Cerritos, California, US, killed 82 people. Man-Made Disaster
1985 Australian virologist Frank Macfarlane Burnet died. Death day
1978 Indian actor Jayasurya was born. Birthday
1974 Chess grandmaster from Turkey, Cemil Aghamaliyev was born. Birthday
1974 New Zealand politician Norman Kirk died. Death day
1973 American film director John Ford died. Death day
1972 Aeroflot Flight 558 aircraft incident at near Spassky, Verkhneuralsky District, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 101 people. Man-Made Disaster
1971 Golfer from Ireland, Padraig Harrington was born. Birthday
1962 Independence Day of Trinidad and Tobago. National Holiday
1957 Independence Day of Malaysia. National Holiday
1953 Astronaut from Russia, Pavel Vinogradov was born. Birthday
1950 TWA Flight 903 aircraft incident at Wadi Natrun, Egypt, killed 55 people. Man-Made Disaster
1949 American physicist Hugh David Politzer was born. Birthday
1949 Golfer from Scotland and United States, Macdonald Smith died. Death day
1947 Thai politician Somchai Wongsawat was born. Birthday
1945 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Leonid Popov was born. Birthday
1944 West Indian cricketer Clive Lloyd was born. Birthday
1942 Belarusian-French engineer and inventor Georges Lakhovsky died. Death day
1928 American actor James Coburn was born. Birthday
1910 Chess grandmaster from Yugoslavia, Petar Trifunović was born. Birthday
1907 Filipino politician Ramon Magsaysay was born. Birthday
1900 English entrepreneur John Bennet Lawes died. Death day
1897 American actor Fredric March was born. Birthday
1897 American actor Fredric March was born. Birthday
1879 Japan Emperor Taisho was born. Birthday
1821 German physician Hermann von Helmholtz was born. Birthday
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