August 19 | On this Day

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2002 Russian Air Force (89 red) aircraft incident at Khankala, Chechnya, Russia, killed 127 people. Man-Made Disaster
1994 American chemist and peace activist Linus Pauling died. Death day
1994 American chemist Linus Pauling died. Death day
1986 South Korean badminton player Yoo Yeon Seong was born. Birthday
1986 Chinese badminton player Tian Qing was born. Birthday
1984 Chess grandmaster from Algeria, Mohamed Haddouche was born. Birthday
1980 Saudia Flight 163 aircraft incident at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, killed 301 people. Man-Made Disaster
1974 Astronaut from Russia, Sergey Nikolayevich Ryzhikov was born. Birthday
1970 Chess grandmaster from Philippines, Joseph Sanchez was born. Birthday
1968 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Philipp Schlosser was born. Birthday
1967 Indian American business executive Satya Nadella was born. Birthday
1962 Astronaut from United States, Michael Massimino was born. Birthday
1949 Around 82 people died because of 1949 Landes forest fire in France. This is one of the deadliest wildfires. Natural Disaster
1946 American politician Bill Clinton was born. Birthday
1946 Astronaut from United States, Charles Bolden was born. Birthday
1942 Chess grandmaster from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milan Vukić was born. Birthday
1935 Astronaut from United States, Story Musgrave was born. Birthday
1932 Thai politician Banharn Silpa-archa was born. Birthday
1931 American inventor and scientist Arthur Fry was born. Birthday
1924 Canadian physicist Willard S. Boyle was born. Birthday
1924 Canadian physicist Willard Boyle was born. Birthday
1919 Independence Day of Afghanistan. National Holiday
1918 Indian politician Shankar Dayal Sharma was born. Birthday
1906 American inventor Philo Farnsworth was born. Birthday
1883 Portuguese politician Jose M. Cabecadas was born. Birthday
1878 Filipino politician Manuel L. Quezon was born. Birthday
1819 Dutch politician Julius van Zuylen van Nijevelt was born. Birthday
1808 Scottish engineer James Nasmyth was born. Birthday
1662 French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal died. Death day
1580 French mathematician Pierre Vernier was born. Birthday
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