April 29 | On this Day

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2015 Golfer from United States, Calvin Peete died. Death day
2012 French inventor and engineer Roland Moreno died. Death day
2008 Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann died. Death day
2001 Dutch politician Barend Biesheuvel died. Death day
1998 Indonesian badminton player Apriani Rahayu was born. Birthday
1997 338 people died in Rongjiawan train disaster. Man-Made Disaster
1995 Sri Lanka Air Force (4R-HVA) aircraft incident at near Jaffna, Sri Lanka, killed 52 people. Man-Made Disaster
1993 Golfer from United States, Justin Thomas was born. Birthday
1989 Malaysian badminton player Lim Khim Wah was born. Birthday
1984 Sweden inventor Baltzar von Platen died. Death day
1975 Chess grandmaster from United States, Yury Shulman was born. Birthday
1970 American tennis player Andre Agassi was born. Birthday
1969 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Markus Stangl was born. Birthday
1968 Chess grandmaster from Austria, Nikolaus Stanec was born. Birthday
1961 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Arkadij Rotstein was born. Birthday
1960 Golfer from United States, Bill Glasson was born. Birthday
1957 English actor Daniel Day-Lewis was born. Birthday
1953 Astronaut from Russia, Nikolai Budarin was born. Birthday
1952 Pan Am Flight 202 aircraft incident at near Santana do Araguaia, Brazil, killed 50 people. Man-Made Disaster
1951 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Khasin was born. Birthday
1947 Golfer from United States, Johnny Miller was born. Birthday
1944 Portuguese politician Bernardino Machado died. Death day
1944 Portuguese politician Bernardino Machado died. Death day
1943 German chemist Wilhelm Schlenk died. Death day
1942 Soviet skier Galina Kulakova was born. Birthday
1940 American economist Peter A. Diamond was born. Birthday
1937 American chemist and inventor Wallace Carothers died. Death day
1917 American actress Celeste Holm was born. Birthday
1907 Austrian-born American film director Fred Zinnemann was born. Birthday
1901 Japan Emperor Showa was born. Birthday
1899 Austrian pioneer of Information technology, Gustav Tauschek was born. Birthday
1893 American chemist Harold Urey was born. Birthday
1785 German inventor Karl Drais was born. Birthday
1670 Papacy of Pope Clement X began. Papacy began
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