April 23 | On this Day

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2016 Thai politician Banharn Silpa-archa died. Death day
2006 Swedish media-services provider Spotify was founded. Foundation day
2005 English actor John Mills died. Death day
2002 Golfer from United States, Ted Kroll died. Death day
2001 Astronaut from United States, David Walker died. Death day
1998 Greek politician Konstantinos Karamanlis died. Death day
1997 English cricketer Denis Compton died. Death day
1986 Dutch skater Sven Kramer was born. Birthday
1984 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexandra Kosteniuk was born. Birthday
1979 SAETA (HC-AVP) aircraft incident at Pastaza Province, Ecuador, killed 57 people. Man-Made Disaster
1966 Chess grandmaster from Estonia, Lembit Oll was born. Birthday
1963 Chess grandmaster from Sweden, Pia Cramling was born. Birthday
1963 Israeli politician Yitzhak Ben-Zvi died. Death day
1958 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Veniamen Shtyrenkov was born. Birthday
1955 Chess grandmaster from England, Tony Miles was born. Birthday
1951 American banker and politician Charles G. Dawes died. Death day
1950 Chess grandmaster from Finland, Yrjo Rantanen was born. Birthday
1941 American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson was born. Birthday
1940 209 people died in Rhythm Night Club fire at Natchez, Mississippi. Man-Made Disaster
1902 Icelandic writer Halldor Laxness was born. Birthday
1899 Swedish economist Bertil Ohlin was born. Birthday
1897 Canadian scholar and statesman Lester B. Pearson was born. Birthday
1897 Canadian politician Lester B. Pearson was born. Birthday
1894 American film director Frank Borzage was born. Birthday
1867 Danish physician Johannes Fibiger was born. Birthday
1858 German physicist Max Planck was born. Birthday
1856 American inventor Granville Woods was born. Birthday
1819 New Zealand politician Edward Stafford was born. Birthday
1812 New Zealand politician Frederick Whitaker was born. Birthday
1791 American politician James Buchanan was born. Birthday
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