April 21 | On this Day

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2014 American engineer George H. Heilmeier died. Death day
1999 Swiss gymnast Georges Miez died. Death day
1997 Filipino politician Diosdado Macapagal died. Death day
1992 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Nikita Matinian was born. Birthday
1989 Chess grandmaster from China, Li Chao was born. Birthday
1988 Chess grandmaster from India, S. Arun Prasad was born. Birthday
1975 Brazilian politician Pascoal Ranieri Mazzilli died. Death day
1973 Australian politician Arthur Fadden died. Death day
1971 Chess grandmaster from Denmark, Sune Berg Hansen was born. Birthday
1965 English physicist Edward Victor Appleton died. Death day
1965 Chess grandmaster from Romania, Mihail Marin was born. Birthday
1962 Astronaut from Russia, Sergei Zalyotin was born. Birthday
1953 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Leonid Gofshtein was born. Birthday
1951 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Aleksandr Laveykin was born. Birthday
1950 Japanese businessman Tatsumi Kimishima was born. Birthday
1942 New Zealand politician Geoffrey Palmer was born. Birthday
1930 Hollywood film All Quiet on the Western Front was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1930 322 people died in Ohio Penitentiary fire at Columbus, Ohio, United States. Man-Made Disaster
1926 Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II was born. Birthday
1915 Mexican-born American actor Anthony Quinn was born. Birthday
1889 Swiss chemist Paul Karrer was born. Birthday
1889 Mexican politician Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada died. Death day
1882 American physicist Percy Williams Bridgman was born. Birthday
1837 Danish writer and pacifist Fredrik Bajer was born. Birthday
1735 Russian mechanic and inventor Ivan Kulibin was born. Birthday
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