April 10 | On this Day

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2013 English physiologist Robert G. Edwards died. Death day
2013 English physiologist Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards died. Death day
2010 Polish Air Force aircraft incident at Smolensk, Russia, killed 96 people. Man-Made Disaster
1995 Indian politician Morarji Desai died. Death day
1992 British chemist Peter D. Mitchell died. Death day
1989 Chess grandmaster from France, Jonathan Dourerassou was born. Birthday
1984 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Dmitry Kryakvin was born. Birthday
1983 American musician and singer Andrew Dost was born. Birthday
1981 Chess grandmaster from Iceland, Bragi Thorfinnsson was born. Birthday
1973 Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos was born. Birthday
1973 Invicta International Airlines Flight 435 aircraft incident at Reinach, Switzerland, killed 108 people. Man-Made Disaster
1965 Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines Herald (JY-ACQ) aircraft incident at Al-Dimas, Syria, killed 54 people. Man-Made Disaster
1962 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Alexander Huzman was born. Birthday
1962 Hungarian-born American film director Michael Curtiz died. Death day
1958 Chess grandmaster from Azerbaijan, Elmar Magerramov was born. Birthday
1949 Chess grandmaster from Belarus, Viacheslav Dydyshko was born. Birthday
1943 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Włodzimierz Schmidt was born. Birthday
1930 Finnish film director Spede Pasanen was born. Birthday
1927 American biochemist Marshall Warren Nirenberg was born. Birthday
1917 American chemist Robert Burns Woodward was born. Birthday
1900 American chemist and inventor Arnold O. Beckman was born. Birthday
1893 Mexican politician Manuel Gonzalez died. Death day
1887 Argentine physiologist Bernardo Houssay was born. Birthday
1873 Finnish politician Kyosti Kallio was born. Birthday
1868 English actor George Arliss was born. Birthday
1863 Italian astronomer and microscopist Giovanni Battista Amici died. Death day
1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia killed more than 7000 people. This is one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions. Natural Disaster
1585 Pope Gregory XIII died. Death day
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